Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Table Talk"

"The rich and the poor are differentiated by their incomes and nothing else, and the average millionaire is only the average dishwasher, dressed in a new suit. Everyone who has mixed in equal terms with the poor knows this quite well."

I found this an interesting statement, and although I don't agree in whole, I think there is a lot of truth to it. Some poor have become so because of many poor choices that have led to addicitions, crimes and violence. But I don't think that is the thrust of his statement, but rather that people in general fight the same battles, feel the same woes and joys, and have the same worth in God's eyes. I have been born in a country where wealth abounds, but I have done some travel where wealth is nearly impossible to gain, but the people are the same, and in some cases appear to be happier. Without fail, I always leave feeling a strong kinship regardless of their circumstances.

When visiting my son in Thailand we were all invited to a birthday party and dinner. The party was for a little girl my son's family knew and cared about. The party was at the little girls home. The parents were lepers and lived in a leper colony. They cooked for us and we celebrated with them and although they knew little English and had less money, they prepared a wonderful feast for us and showed us such kindness and hospitality. I have never eaten in more humble surroundings, but I will likely never forget that night.

George Orwell - photo by Bob Kurt


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Absolutely fantastic post! Very educative and instructive and to be emulated.

I always felt that many poor people can change their condition by hard work, thrift and making the right choices. Many poor people don't think. They live for the moment. They don't think of tomorrow.

Americans are known for their initiative, enterprising spirit, and tremendous determination to fight the odds.

Indian way of life has always been take it easy policy. Everything will be considered as fate or God's will. If you consider India from the point of view of religion, it has been the cradle for many important religions in the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikism etc. The materialistic attitude is less and more importance is give to the soul and redemption.

I am astonished and surprised that you had food with a leper family in a leper colony. How many of us will dare do that? We look at them with revulsion and revolt. I SALUTE YOU!

You ar a real inspiration!

Many thanks for theis wonderful post.

Have a good day :)

Matt said...

I forgot they had leprosy, or not sure I mentioned it when we took you there. Hope you weren't nervous! Funny. We never really thought we lived on a leper colony, but indeed it was. People are people for sure.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your kind comments, but don't be too inspired, I never would have ended up there if it hadn't been for my son Matt, who lived there. It was the oldest leper hospital in Thailand, if I have this right, started by missionaries who built a small church and then ultimately a hospital and housing for the lepers. Actually the tiny cottages are quite cute. I never felt unsafe, maybe out of ignorance or just trust that my son wouldn't put me in harms way. Although I have to say that when he took us to visit an orphanage he was doing some donated film work for, lots of children from infants to teens, we spent 45 minutes there getting a tour by the director (who was the most on fire, energetic, joy spilling Christian woman I have ever met), and we played with the children and had a great time, but as we were leaving, Matt told me that all the children there had Aids and most would die, I did find myself wondering if I had taken every necessary precaution and I said an earnest prayer.

Hi Matt,
Yes, you do have a way of leaving out pertinent details :)

But that was a night to remember, and we ate till we nearly burst.
I can remember Mali's? broad smile and appreciation for the love your family shared with them. A life changing experience, to understate it.
Love Dad

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post!
Very cool your blog!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week………

Mel said...

Fred, your posts and the subsequent enthusiastic comments always leave a smile on my face and in my heart. :)

FCB said...

Hi Susan,
Glad to see you back and thanks for your kind comments.
God bless,

Hi Mel,
Thanks to you as well for your kind comments, and back at you because you always bring a smile to my blog.
God bless,