Thursday, November 06, 2008

“It is the narrowness of mind that awakens the surprise and aversion of some persons, when they hear of doctrines and schemes in human affairs, or in religion, quiet different from what they have embraced. Perhaps they have been trained up from their infancy in one set of notions, and their thoughts have been confined to one single tract, both in the civil or religious life, without ever hearing or knowing what other opinions are current among mankind; or at least they have seen all other notions besides their own represented in a false and malignant light, whereupon they judge and condemn at once every sentiment but what their own party receives, and they think it is a piece of justice and truth to lay heavy censures upon the practice of every different sect in Christianity or politics. They have so rooted themselves in the opinions of their party, that they cannot hear an objection with patience, nor can they bear a vindication, or so much as an apology for any set of principles besides their own: all the rest is nonsense or heresy, folly or blasphemy.”
I suppose if there is any one fault of the evangelical church it is spelled out in this post, especially in the last sentence. If a new thought arises it is immediately demonized and pulpits pound outrage and condemnation, and the large part of the congregation loves it so. How will improvement every come?
Isaac Watts - photo by Tony Hnojcik


Mel said...

My 6-year-old son, Stephen, was standing here while I was reading your blog and he saw this picture and said "Whoa! That dude looks wierd!" It was cute. :)

FCB said...

Tell Stephen that is exactly what I said when I saw the picture.
Too funny,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

I do not think that there is anything great in trying to convince one Christian to accept that what another Christian follows is better.

The real missionary work consists in converting people of other religions to accept Christianity as the true religion. This involves great effort and sacrifice and sometimes persecution and death.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I agree with you that spending our time outraged at what another brother in the faith, even though it is a different denomination, thinks, is time away from the importance of spreading the Gospel. I'm afraid too much of what I have seen is bickering among believers and getting completely distracted from the great work. This bickering can even go on within the same denomination, and at times over trifles that are simply notions and traditions and not issues of eternal importance. Those are the thoughts he brought to my mind in the post.
God bless,