Sunday, November 16, 2008

I watched a moving and inspiring documentary tonight titled “Darfur Now”. It informed the viewer about the atrocities going on in Sudan’s war torn Darfur, but it focused on six people, all with one desire to do something to help.

One young man who became an activist to get legislation passed that would help put financial pressure on the oppressing regime. One man a international prosecutor working to bring to justice the war criminals, one Sudanese woman (pictured below) who enlisted in the rebel army to protect the people, another man a leader of the World Food Program, another man working in the refugee camps to help people who have lost everything, and an internationally know actor who labors to find all means to achieve justice.
To see each of these people devoted in their own way, with their own abilities all working towards one goal was so inspirational. Such heroics, courage and faithfulness as they each work towards justice and mercy for the Sudanese in Darfur using their different talents.

The message was simple: each person can play a role in overcoming evil, whatever your talent, whether you go or send, use your hands or the political system, each of us can do something, must do something.

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