Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The following is a piece by Thomas Brooks on “The Hypocrite" taken from his book 'A Cabinet of Jewels'.

The hypocrite will not always call upon God; he will not persevere in prayer; he will not hold on nor hold out in prayer; he is short-spirited; he cannot always pray and not faint, or shrink back as sluggards do in work, or cowards in war. An hypocrite, for lack of an inward principle, can neither delight in God, nor always call upon God. If God comes not at his call, if he opens not as soon as he knocks, he is out of patience, and ready to say with that proud profane prince, “Behold, this evil is of the Lord, and why should I wait for him any longer?” 2Kings 6:33
If an hypocrite obtains the mercy he desires, then he will throw off prayer, as he said, “take away the net, the fish is caught;” if he obtains not the mercy, then he will grow weary of his duty. Prayer is too hard and too high a work for an unsound heart to hold on in. Prayer is heart-work, and that proves heavy work to him. The soul of prayer lies in the pouring out of the soul before God, and this is a work that an hypocrite has no skill in.”

This picture is taken by Eduardo Valdivia and it's called "Embrace", I thought it fitting to represent the soul of man united with the heart of God.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

A beautiful post!

His thoughts on prayer made me sit up and think. I pray not with sincerity and intensity. If my paryers are answered I stop praying. If my prayers are not answered I lose belief in prayer. It looks as though Thomas Brooks had people like me in mind or is it that people like me are very common?

This is a very valuable post!

Best wishes :)

Donna said...

Great Article

I don't have your new email.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Thrilled to know you are reading Brooks. Here is another quote about a man I was married to:

"An hypocrite will seem to be very godly when he can make a gain of godliness. He will seem to be very holy when holiness is the way to outward greatness and happiness. But his religious wickedness will double-damn the hypocrite at last. Self-ends are the operative ingredients in all an hypocrite does….When hypocrites take up religion, it is only to serve their own turns, to bring about their own carnal ends. They serve not the Lord, but their own bellies (Romans 16:18; Philippians 3:19)….An hypocrite always makes himself the end of all his service; but let such hypocrites know, that though their profession be never so glorious and their duties never so abundant, yet their ends being selfish and carnal, all their pretensions and performances are but beautiful abominations in the sight of God."

Praise the Lord that He usually exposes hypocrisy and I pray that He will also use that exposure to bring a man to his knees and to full surrender to Christ. That I pray.

Loved the picture. To me it was a beautiful image of what marriage should look like. Of course, Paul compares marriage to "Christ and His Church" so either representation is a beautiful one.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
We are much alike Joseph, I too sat up and thought and found myself wanting as well. I think it is a common condition, but the true Christian sees his need and seeks to grow, but I doubt the hypocrite even sees his need much less considers change.
Valuable comment, thanks,

He Donna,
glad to see your name, I've missed you! My email is on its way as we speak!
God bless,

Hi Anon,
Wow, stinging quote. I think you are right that hypocrisy is usually exposed in the evil, but also God is faithful to show us ours. The difference of course, is ours humbles us but the hypocrite hides from his wherever possible. Don't you think?
Great comments,