Saturday, November 08, 2008

Out of the blue I picked up an old book of mine and read the following two stories, which I decided to post for all our inspiration, and they are great stories to tell your children and discuss the obvious applications.

Dionysius, a man of strange and capricious temper, though of great abilities, became a general and won many battles for his countrymen. His lust for power led him to forcefully establish his power and control over the city in which he lived. This power was not according to the laws but he was an exceedingly able man and know one dared to attempt to overthrow him. He made the city much more rich and powerful. There is a famous anecdote told about a friend of Dionysius named Damocles, who was overheard saying he wished to be in Dionysius’s position of wealth and power for just a night. Dionysius decided to give him his wish and for one night Damocles found himself at a banquet with everything that could delight his senses; delicious food, costly wine, flowers, perfumes, music; but with a sword and its point almost touching the top of his head, and hanging by a single horsehair! This was to show the condition in which the usurper Dionysius lived!

Story from "The Book of Golden Deeds". - photo from the Internet


Anonymous said...

Just happen to be reading a Spurgeon sermon this afternoon and guess what? He uses this same story to illustrate one of his points.

Amazing how God shows Himself in our lives through these little "coincidences".

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting post!

It is true that people who impose their will on others can never be at peace and they have to be on their guard at all times. In the process of trampling upon the freedom of others, they would have created many enemies who will be waiting for their chance to strike him.

Thanks for the excellent message.

Best wishes :)

FCB said...

Hi Anon,
That is a coincidence; but Spurgeon likes the way I tell it so no wonder :)

Hi Joseph,
You would think that tyrants would find the fear of assasination greater than their lust for power, but history shows us differently.
God bless,