Friday, November 28, 2008

I was corresponding with a friend about TRUTH. How does one arrive at it, what is the difference between Truth and Facts; Is there a difference? So I decided to write the normal course I take in testing Truth.

The Bible is full of facts about truth: some are clearly evident to all, some are veiled. I interpret the veiled facts in a context of what I know to be the nature and love of God as I understand it; the clear and obvious teaching of Scripture, what I see demonstrated in the life of Christ, as well as the apostles, as I understand it in the Old Testament. I also include in that interpretation, opinions of others, Christian authors of all persuasions, commentaries, common sense, and lastly reason and my experiential walk with God. Not necessarily in that order.

When a veiled truth teaches something that violates some of the above for me, I choose to stand undecided. But if a "truth" or fact violates all of the above, I resist it and unless I hear a great deal more of clear evidence to prove the case, I choose to deny it.

If “truth” results in bondage, confusion, grievous burdens, division, arrogance, elitism, deprecation of others, bigotry or anything that holds no spiritual life in it for me, but rather causes me to stumble, entangle, doubt, repulse, offends, insights the carnal desires or denies what I believe to be solid truth about who Christ is, I resist it.

Jesus has a consistent way of moving in my soul to lift me and encourage me, grow compassion and adoration for Him within me, inflame my spirit to obey, to serve and to love Him and all of mankind; to overlook faults, seek the best of others, and want to sing and shout, cry and weep. So as I listen to a "truth" or fact when it is presented to me, regardless of how scholarly the source, I test that spirit to see if it is the Spirit I know and the One in whom I believe.
If it is not, or it is veiled in some way, I pass on it and trust those lessons, revelations, truths and facts that have brought me thus far.

I know I am one of His sheep, and I know His voice. Sometimes I hear His voice in nature, in other believers, in unbelievers and in the classroom of life as well as the depths of my being. But if it is God, I believe it will be consistent with the above.
Facts may persuade me, they may cause me to study, to search and question, but in the end if it isn't His voice, I take leave of it.

That's it in a nutshell and I don't think I have left anything out and I also think it is the general course of many.

Photo by Alvinas Balzekas


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred :)

Very interesting photo!

Your explanation of truth and fact is very illuminating and I think you have put in a lot of thought for this post.

Many, many thanks.

Have a nice day :)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I'm glad you liked that photo, I chose it to illustrate that sometimes the perception of truth can yield harm. But the fruits of truth are fist peaceable and give life.
Many blessings,