Monday, June 09, 2008

"He who is spontaneously suspicious, may be justly charged with radical corruption; for if he has not known the prevalence of dishonesty by information, nor had time to observe it with his own eyes, whence can he take his measures of judgment but from himself?

Samuel Johnson - photo by Pascale Goswami


Joseph Pulikotil said...

These little girls look like they are from India. While the Indian leaders are boasting about progress, acievement, and becoming a global player, too many people in India are poor and struggle to get a square meal a day. Who is bothered about poor people, their sufferings and poverty?

FCB said...

I think this picture was taken in India. I have a number of pictures from there. I have to tell you I find the Indian culture very interesting and so much beauty and color. The complexion and facial structure of many Indian people are among the most beautiful in the world to me. I will post some of the pictures that display what I mean, acutally, I have posted many already if you look at "Older Posts".
As to the struggle that many people in India suffer, I believe there are many who do care and are working for change. But not enough. I think we both believe God loves India and wants to see suffering stopped. Many chuches in America are involved in efforts to help your country as well as others. The last church I went to had a congregation that included about 200 people from India and the church was working full time in Gujarat. So we pray and hope change will come for all that suffer.