Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Mr. Foxe, that wrote the Book of Martyrs, would be sure to do him a kindness that had done him an injury: so that it used to be a proverb, 'If a man would have Mr. Foxe do him a kindness, let him do him an injury.'

An humble soul, though he be of never so rare abilities, yet he will not disdain to be taught what he knows not, by the meanest persons.
Apollos, 'an eloquent man, and mighty in the Scriptures,' a master in Israel, and yet sits by an Aquila, a tent-maker, and Pricilla his wife, to be instructed by them. Sometimes the poorest and the meanest Christian may, for counsel and comfort, be a god to another, as Moses was to Aaron.
As an humble soul knows that the stars have their situations in heaven, though sometimes he sees them by their reflection in a puddle, in the bottom of a well, or in a stinking ditch........"

Thomas Brooks 1608-1680 Photo by Luc Majno

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