Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on the riches of Christ

"Thus you see that the Lord is generally rich, rich in houses, in lands, in gold, in silver, in cattle, etc. in all temporals as well as in spirituals; but where can you find a man that is generally rich either in spirituals or temporals? It is true, you may find one Christian rich in one grace, and another Christian rich in another; but where will you find a Christian that is generally rich, that is rich in every grace: that is rich in knowledge, in faith, in love, in wisdom, in humility, in meekness, in patience, in self-denial? Abraham was rich in faith, and Moses was rich in meekness, and Job was rich in patience, and Joshua was rich in courage, and David was rich in uprightness; but where will you find a saint that is rich in all these graces? Or where will you find a man that is generally rich in respect of temporals, as to be rich in lands, and moneys, and rich in wares, in jewels, etc. But now the Lord Jesus Christ is generally rich, both in respect of spirituals and temporals. 'In having nothing I have all things,' saith one, 'because I have Christ; having therefore all things in him, I seek no other reward, for he is the universal reward.'

Gregory the Great was wont to say that he was poor whose soul was void of grace, not whose coffers were empty of money.

Thomas Brooks - Sculpture of Mary Magdelan, rich in mercy.


HAINAngel2000 said...

I love the "rich is mercy" that is powerful. GREAT POST!!!

FCB said...

Thanks Mary. I'm re-reading this book about the Unsearchable Riches in Christ and there are so many edifying things in it. God is good!
Love Fred

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and therefore He is rich in everything.
On the other hand man, who is born with original sin, cannot be alround rich because he is suject to temptation by the satan every moment of his life. Even Jesus Christ was tempted by the satan several times without any success.

The biggest weakness of man is money. A rich man can be arrogant, avaricious, ruthless and dominating over other human beings in the pursuit of making more money. Some of these men try to atone by running charities, hospitals, schools etc. Even then they cannot be rich generally.

Best wihes!

HAINAngel2000 said...

Joseph, I run a charity and wish to never be rich. Even the Lord said woe to the rich.
Of course I wish we has more financial help for our charity we started in memory of our daughter to help parents whom have babies and children in need, including bereaved parents so we can touch even more lives worldwide. I do not believe my works will get me to heaven. I serve others and share God's love by serving people. God says for us to feed the hungry, cloth the poor and that is why I do what I do. This is one person who did not start a charity to atone myself.