Monday, June 09, 2008

"To put every man in possession of his own time, and rescue the day from a succession of usurpers, is beyond hope; yet, perhaps, some stop might be put to this unmerciful persecution, if all would seriously reflect, that whoever pays a visit that is not desired, or talks longer than the hearer is willing to attend, is guilty of an injury which he cannot repair, and takes away that which he cannot give."

Samuel Johnson - photo by Hitesh Pandya


Joseph Pulikotil said...

As long as there are selfish people, insensitive people, greedy people, cruel people, uncaring people, sadistic people etc, these things will always happen.

Those who are subjeted to these unwanted sufferings can only grin and bear them. And, ofcourse, pray to God to give them the strength to bear these miseries imposed on them intentionally or unintentionally be other people.

FCB said...

Well said Joseph.