Sunday, June 15, 2008

"These are poor, dirty, Adivasi men. They were earning their lively hood by selling forest produce such as honey, parrots, monkeys, medicinal plants etc. Since they find that profession difficult to continue, they have come down to towns to eke out a living. These are illiterate men but they have found out an ingenious way to earn some money in the jungle called city.

They have a stick to which a magnet is attached to one end. They walk and hold the magnet a little above the ground. All iron pieces such as rusty nails etc. lying on the road stick to the magnet. They collect these iron pieces in a tin which they carry. They collect 7 to 8 kilos of iron pieces every day which will fetch them about Rs.100( $2) a day.

The only difficulty with this mode of work is that they have to walk 8 to 10 kilometres every day. The elderly man was telling me that his young friend was not happy to walk such long distances every day. I gave Rs.10 to the young man for them to have some tea and told him God has given him two good legs to walk and walking is good for health. The elderly man looked very happy at my motivational talk."


I borrowed this post from Joseph Pulikotil's blog. I found it a very interesting post describing a slice of life in India.
I was struck by the ingenuity of these two men and admire their hard work to make a living.
I also like the advice Joseph gave them.
Thanks Joseph


HAINAngel2000 said...

I am finally back online after a major computer problem. my new personal email or my info email works too.
It is always interesting to me how God created us to survive even in the terrible conditions that these poor men are suffering through. These men work so hard and in American standards for nothing. Its a miracle to see how frail their bodies look but they dig up the strength to walk and continue.
Heartbreaking to see how people survive like this.

FCB said...

Good to have you back! These confounded computers are as great a curse as they are a blessing.
I agree, it is an awesome plan the way God constructed us to press on against all odds. It is a wonderful thing to see, and like that video on Eric's blog, with the father including his son M.S. or C.P. completely helpless, but in the race to win. So inspiring.