Sunday, June 01, 2008

This afternoon, in the afterglow of worship, I have been watching and listening to the Sara Groves video "I Saw What I Saw", it just filters down in me so deeply. Surly this is the great work of God, to change us to experience a taste of His love for humanity.
The words of her song continue to resonate with my soul. "I saw what I saw and I can't forget it,
your pain has changed me, your dreams inspire, your hope a fire, your face a memory." When I watch documentary videos of people in the deepest poverty or greatest of oppression, there seems to be nothing that can be so whelming that it is able to overcome the fire of hope and the dream of a better day. The lyric, "your courage asks me what I am made of, what I know of love", is haunting but her words "We are what we are and it's more than enough", is truly the answer. If we watch what God is doing and add what we are to it, it will be enough. I'm glad there are gifted song writers and poets that can put into words my stumbling thoughts.

Photo by Ales Og


fcb4 said...

Dad, you got to rent the movie "God Grew Tired of Us"

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, now you are getting 'Old timers disease', I did watch it and we talked about it six months ago. It is great, many of their experiences you have dealt with when the Karen came.