Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was reading in Romans 12, which is so rich in practical Christianity, and I came across verse 16. "Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position." This is a powerful verse, and I pondered on it for some time, then decided to see what Matthew Henry's commentary had to say. It read --

"Be willing to associate with people of low position" We need not be ashamed to converse with the lowly, while the great God overlooks heaven and earth to look at such. True love values grace in rags as well as scarlet. A jewel is a jewel, though it lies in the dirt. "Associate"; that is, suit yourself to them for their good. (By the way, that definition of associate, really struck me), He adds, "Do not be conceited", do not be confident of the sufficiency of your own wisdom, nor be reluctant to communicate what you have to others. It is the merchandise of commerce, receiving and returning."

What struck me was the last line, don't be over confident nor under confident. Because, when you suit yourself for another's good, and listen to their wisdom and share what you have learned, it is good Christian commerce. I like that. I chose this picture as an illustration of "good Christian commerce", this woman, with no doubt much wisdom to share, and this child with brimming love to return, I see lots of good commerce in this picture.

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