Sunday, June 29, 2008

When I look at this picture I'm just spell-bound. I think when we are in heaven we will be able to attend endless symposiums where the Lord opens up his creative mind and we lean about His thinking and process in creation. I should like to sit in on the one where he discusses beauty and design. To fathom the kind of beauty and creativity displayed in this picture, and then to hear how he knitted it all together out of delight, will be one glad morning indeed.
This beautiful picture by Harry Eggens


Joseph Pulikotil said...

We can only experience the marvels of God's creations and can never understand them.

What about the human body and its functions? It unbelievable how the human body works.

God be praised!

Good wishes to you and your family!

FCB said...

Yes,and how much we take our body for granted, but as you and I know, being in our early sixties, our body begins to demand from us our youthful excesses. Wish it were not true! But I will follow your good advice about healthful foods that you posted a few weeks ago.
Warmest regards.