Saturday, June 28, 2008

"There are saints, and there are excellent saints. Now those are the excellent ones, that are most rich in heavenly treasures; and these you should make your bosom friends, your choicest companions: Prov. 13:20, 'He that walketh with the wise men shall be wise;' that is, he shall be more wise, more humble, more holy, and more abounding in spiritual riches. Not he that talks with the wise, nor he that commends the wise, nor he that takes a step or two with the wise that shall be wise, but he that gives up himself to the society and company of the wise, that shall be more and more wise, gracious and holy. He that cometh where sweet spices or ointments are stirring, doth carry away some of the sweet savour, though himself think not of it. The spouse's lips drop as the honeycomb: Cant. 4:10, 'The tongue of the just is as choice silver,' he scatters pearls, he throws abroad treasures where he comes: Prov. 15:7, 'The lips of the wise disperse knowledge.'

Christ says his spouse's lips are like a thread of scarlet, with talking of nothing but a crucified Christ; and thin like a thread, not swelled with other vain and wicked discourses."

Thomas Brooks - Photo by Matusciac Alex


Mel said...

I've been thinking and thinking about this post, the part about surrounding yourself with wise Christians. It seems to me the first step is to recognize that frienship with wise people is desireable and something to be sought after. The next step would actually be to find those people. In this culture, finding those people, and having time to invest in the building of meaningful relationships, is quite a challenge. Without God's leading, it seems like it would be quite impossible.

I spent my entire childhood feeling like the odd man out, searching for acceptance, thinking that if I could just wear the right clothes and have the right hair, lose a little weight, and be funny and witty, THEN my peers would accept me.

It wasn't until God captured the affection of my heart and met all of my deepest longings for love and acceptance, that people started wanting to have a relationship with me. Perhaps because they sense that they don't have to meet my needs. My needs are already met in Him.

Anyway, all that to say, I hope people will recognize first the importance of God's presence in their lives, then the value of godly relationships, and will seek God's help in finding them.

FCB said...

This is a thought provoking quote. If we look at it in a practical way, when we go to church, this is our purpose, to be in that society where sweet spices are stirring.
When we pick up a book to read, we are free to read "People" magazine or we can find company with the "excellent ones", and as we walk with God, our home becomes a place of excellence as well. With the time we have left in life to spend at our leisure, which is precious few hours in this culture, this is where his admonition to make the most of the few friendships we have time for applies. I think Excellent saints are not perfect saints, but rather purposeful saints, whether young or old in the Lord. A living faith in another believer, leaves a fragrance in our soul, and as difficult as it is to develope friendships, especially in the child rearing years, often we meet them when involved in some service to God. But there are years when our family demands nearly all or our time, but as you have found, He draws closer during those times as not to leave us friendless.
Thoughtful post Mel, thanks.