Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Beloved, the best, the wisest, the holiest, and the most mortified Christians on earth, do carry about with them a body of sin and death. Ro.7:22,23; they have in them a fountain of original corruption, and from this fountain sin will still be arising, bubbling and a-boiling up as the scum in a pot over fire. But mark, as in wine, or honey, or water, though scum and filth may arise, yet the wine, the honey, the water, will be still a-purging and purifying itself, and a working and casting it out; so though sin, though corruption, though spiritual filth may, and too often doth, arise in a gracious heart, yet there is a spring of grace, a spring of living water in him, there is a holy cleansing and purifying disposition in a regenerate person, that will still be a working and casting it out.
But now mark, in men of impure hearts and lives, the scum doth not only arise, but it seethes and boils in. Ezek. 24:12, 'She wearied herself with lies, and her great scum went not forth out of her;' notwithstanding all the threatenings of God, and all the judgments of God upon her, yet her scum and filthiness boiled in. Though God boiled Jerusalem in the pot of his judgments, yet her scum and filth stuck to every side of her. Wicked men's scum and filth doth not only arise, but it also seethes and boils in, and mingles together with their spirits; but so doth not the scum and filth that rises in a gracious heart. A sheep may fall into the mire, but a swine delights to wallow in the mire."
Thomas Brooks -Photo by William Kok


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

I just don't understand why " God boiled Jerusalem" in the first place and why there should be so much trouble even now in Jerusalem.

The Crusades made an attempt to liberate Jerusalem from the clutches of Muslims but even now Jeruslem is not the exclusive Holy Place for Christians. There is so much controversy and people with so many different religions are living there spoiling the sanctity of the birth place of our Redeemer.

Muslims have exclusive places like Mecca and Madina. Similary Hindus have places like Banares and Haridwar etc. We Christians have every right to claim Jerusalem for our selves. Why are not Christians getting together to clear all non Christian people from Jerusalem?

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Interesting question; I don't know about others but I have a difficult enough time keeping this little plot of land my family lives on in order, far be it to take on a country. I'm also looking for an everlasting city and it will be possessed with only the bloodshed of one, Jesus. Let the Muslims have what they want, the Jews as well, I'm looking for a celestial city. I know you are as well and I suspect we will have a large garden plot to plant all manner of herbs, including curry, and silkworms never sleep or slumber there. :)
Many blessing to you Joseph,

Mel said...

I love this post, Fred. Donnella is fond of quoting a story that illustrates that we have two natures, and the one that will be most dominant will be the one we feed the most. I am constantly aware of the battle going on inside me. I'm looking forward to pure, whole-hearted bright and shining joy of Heaven that will never be clouded by pride or temptation.

Bless you, Brother!