Friday, August 22, 2008

In training our children and grandchildren, one way I present morality is as though it is a riddle and it is their task to interpret. They may discuss with one another and then, like a game show, offer their answer. Going through Proverbs or like the following post , are good challenges when age appropriate.

"Read not books alone, but men, and amongst them chiefly thy self: if thou find any thing questionable there, use the commentary of a severe friend rather than the gloss of a sweetlipt flatter; there is more profit in a distasteful truth than deceitful sweetness.

If thou art rich, strive to command thy money, lest she command thee: if thou know how to use her, she is thy servant; if not, thou art her slave.

Be not censorious, for thou know'st not when thou judgest; it is a more dextrous error to speak well of an evil man than ill of a good man.

Hath any wronged thee? be bravely reveng'd: sleight it, and the work's begun; forgive it, and 'tis finished: he is below himself that is not above an injury.

Give not thy tongue too great a liberty, lest it take thee prisoner. A word unspoken is, like the sword in thy scabberd, thine; if vented, thy sword is in another's hand: if thou desire to be held wise, be so wise as to hold thy tongue.

Francis Quarles 1592-1644 Photo by Polixeni Papapetrou - Riddles

Demean thy self more warily in thy study than in the street. If thy public actions have a hundred witnesses, thy private actions have a thousand. The multitude looks but upon the actions: thy conscience looks into them."


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

Very thought provoking and highly educative post not only for children but also for adults.

Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
I always appreciate your comments.
I had to read this quote many times to get all the thoughts. I took stanza by stanza for the grandkids, and they finally figured them all out. I was impressed. And a little humbled :)
God bless.

Mel said...

All of the ideas presented provide food for thought, and I especially appreciate the first quote, the one that begins, "Read not books alone..." I want to be surrounded by "severe friends" who will always speak the truth, no matter the cost, to me or to them.