Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Chastity is either abstinence or continence. Abstinence is that of Virgins or Widows: Continence of married persons. Chaste marriages are honorable and pleasing to God: Widowhood is pitiable in its solitariness and loss, but amiable and comely when it is adorned with gravity and purity, and not sullied with remembrances of the passed license, nor with present desires of returning to a second bed.

But Virginity is a life of Angels, the enamel of the soul, the huge advantage of religion, the great opportunity for the retirements of devotion: and being empty of cares, it is full of prayers: being unmingled with the world, it is apt to converse with God: and by not feeling the warmth of a too forward and indulgent nature, flames out with holy fires, till it be burning like the Cherubim and the most ecstasied order of holy and unpolluted Spirits."

Jeremy Taylor - Photo by Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.


fcb4 said...

I totally disagree. That is gnosticism with the cherry on top. It's that kind of thinking that breeds fundamentalist legalism and hamstrings the gospel into a platonic dualism that labels one level of life as carnal and the other as spiritual. And the unfortunate thing is most of everyones life is imprisoned within the realm he purports to be one which the more spiritual will flee.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking. Like babies are born sinless...

Rather, virgins are deathly creatures to be avoided.


FCB said...

Interesting reactions; I thought it was sweet. I don't see the extremes the way you do, but rather an encouragement to those who choose not to marry and then he just points out the practical benefits of living a far less complicated life. Married life is where most of us grow up and mature, by facing the multitude of difficult circumstances; it is a heavey load but bears the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Be that as it may, which one of us hasn't had moments where the simplicity of single life calls to us. The mission field is better served by persons with out the additional cares of a family. Now as for my motivation for posting this; it was too Carissa who at this time in her life plans on being single. That may or may not be a teens temporary mind, but often single life is painted as less, so this quote brings out the blessing. "Whether you marry or wether you don't, you will regret it." Thanks for the spirited comments.
Love Dad

fcb4 said...

I sat in a circle at camp this week as we were sharing about "Obeying Christ's commands". After that a young mother started sharing, she was sitting in the dirt with her little knee biter who was squirming, covered in dirt & fire pit soot and looked like he ate and slept all weekend in the dust. She looked up a bit exacerbated by the call to obey and with a a dusty, grime covered face, hands and clothes expressed her frustration on wanting to find out how to serve God "More" since she was so home bound with kids.

As she looked up from the ground, she had a big round smudge of dust on her was humorous and a perfect picture of motherhood. In that moment I cringed that any mom would feel like they need to do "more" than they already do.

Motherhood or single life are or no or male whore, redeemed slut or marriage bed happy couples...all can glorify God in their paths. Duties, responsibilities and opportunities may be different but each will find the hammer, anvil chisel and goblet of wine in whatever road they choose to travel upon.

I think the scripture must be read through cultural and historical realities...if it is raining, it might not be the best time to go sunbathing. Much of those passages that speak concerning single life were tied to such pressing pressures.