Sunday, August 03, 2008

I ran across a passage by Jeremy Taylor that I read and loved many years ago. The context is a comparison between the riches of Kings and the common riches we all enjoy, regardless of income. Here he contrasts the enjoyment a King may have gazing on his gold locked up in a little room and the jewels in his crown---

“For not to name the beauties and sparkling diamonds of heaven, a man’s or a woman’s or a hawks eye is more beautiful and excellent, then all the Jewels of his crown.”

What jewel can compare to the beauty of the eyes? And they are there for all the world to see, with no cost. I have thirteen grandchildren, and if they were all together, side by side, and all twenty six eyes were compared to the most expensive gemstones in the entire world, their eyes would captivate and out gleam the fairest stone.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Fred!

I am amazed to read that you have 13 grand children. Fantastic! You are very lucky and truly blessed by God!

Have a wonderful day!

FCB said...

Thank you Joseph, yes they are a great blessing, and in this generation I have the advantage of all the technologies to keep apace with the ones that don't live close. Two of them live in Thailand, so videos, emails, flickr etc. makes the distance much less. I just got hooked up to skype this week, so now I can call anywhere in the world through my computer, for free. I just love it!
God bless,