Sunday, August 31, 2008

When I saw this home, about as meager as a home can be, I thought it was a great example of God's grace and love; though the house meets but the bare necessities, God lavished the back door in unmatchable beauty.


HAINAngel2000 said...

Fred I love this post! God shows His Glory even in our hardest trials. What a beautiful picture!!!

FCB said...

Thanks for your comments Mary, and I'm glad you like it. Such beauty for all, and for only the price of a notice.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

Very beautiful photo and a thought provoking post!

I am inclined to think that we who live in relative comfort can watch and enjoy the beauty of nature. But the very poor people living that miserable abode will be more worried about the their daily existence such as food, clothing and even a proper house.

I read recently in the newspaper that in some parts of Africa people are eating mud cakes for survival.

The house, if you call that a house which is shown in the photo, will not protect the inmates from rain and the heat of the sun. Do you think people living in this house will have access to decent medical facilities or will they get good drinking water? What about facilities like school and colleges for the children?

Thanks for the wonderful post! It really set me thinking.

Have a good day!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Your thoughtful post sets me to thinking as well. I don't know which, the rich or the poor, can see beauty best. I hope the poor are able, in the midst of dire circumstances, to find some consolation in the beauty around us. I read once where the essential food items are those that are the easiest to raise, and have the greatest harvest; wheat, rice, berries, and that this design was purposeful so we can have enough. If wheat were as difficult to raise as orchids we would have far more starvation. With that in mind, it gives me hope that God may have given the poor an even greater appreciation for beauty. I hope this isn't just foolish Western thought. I know the few places I have travelled to where poverty was prevelant, I found the children laughing and playing as much or more than in the US, and the people were open and friendly in spite of their needs. Either way, as Christians we must do what we can to help provide for those who are in need, but I hope along the way they enjoy the sunset more than I.
Thanks for your thoughts Joseph, I always look forward to them.
Many beautiful blessings,