Monday, August 11, 2008

Time to reflect

"Seek a proper time to retire into thyself, and often think over the benefits of God.
Let alone curious questions; read such matters as may rather move thee to compunction than give thee occupation.
If thou wilt withdraw thyself from superfluous talk and idle visits, as also from giving ear to news and reports, thou wilt find time sufficient and proper to employ thyself in good meditations.
The greatest of saints avoided the company of men as much as they could, and rather chose to live to God in secret.
As often as I have been amongst men, said one, I have returned less a man; this we often experience when we talk long.
It is easier to be altogether silent than not to speak a word too much.
It is easier to keep retired at home than to be able to be sufficiently upon our guard abroad.
Whosoever, therefore, strives to attain to inward and spiritual things, must, with Jesus, go aside from the crowd.
No man safely goes abroad but he who willingly lies hid at home.
No man speaks safely but he who loves to hold his peace.
No man safely commands but he who has learned well to obey.
No man safely rejoices unless he have within him the testimony of a good conscience."
Thomas A. Kempis - Photo by Anna Pagnacco


Mel said...

This post articulates a concept I've been chewing on for quite some time. For many years, I've had a desire to connect with other people that would enjoy exploring theology with me. People I could bounce ideas off of, and who could bounce ideas off me, and we would be mutually interested in the truths of God with a similar degree of enthusiasm. But before God would answer that desire of my heart (a desire which He had ignited in the first place) He first had to teach me that He is the only true source of joy and satisfaction, and that any fulfillment that came from the earthly relationships I was looking for, would still be only a shadow of the fulfillment that comes from Him when we really know Him.

When I finally had grasped that truth to some vague degree, He began to bring those relationships into my life. But He has always been so faithful to continue to bring me back to Himself whenever my affection for those relationships begins to be out of balance. The longer I walk with Him on this journey, the more I realize there is nothing in the whole world that compares to our own, individual, intimate, personal, humble fellowship with Him. These words don't make nearly as much sense in writing as they do when they're the private ponderings of my own heart, but I thought you might want to read them anyway. :)


FCB said...

Hi Mel, I can totally relate to your post. I suspect because I lost my father when I was fourteen, I would latch on to any father figure who showed an interest in me. This continued when I became a Christian, and I would become attached to the Pastor. But, every time I did something would occur that would frustrate the relationship, without fail. This pattern has been consistent throughout my Christian walk. We serve a Jealous God, who would continually remind us that we see but the reflection of Him in the goodness we see in people. It also allows us to have realistic expectations with friendships.
Many blessings.