Friday, August 01, 2008

"A man's heart is infinitely deceitful, unknown to it self, not certain in his own acts, praying one way, and desiring another, wandering and imperfect, loose and various worshipping God and entertaining sin, following what it hates, and running from what it flatters, loving to be tempted and betrayed, petulant like a wanton girl, running from, that it might invite the fondness and enrage the appetite of the foolish young man or the evil temptation that follows it; cold and indifferent one while, and presently zealous and passionate, furious and indiscreet; not understood of it self or any one else, and deceitful beyond all arts and numbers of observation."

Jeremy Taylor - Photo by Jingna Zhang


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

This is very true.

I suppose the reason is we are tempted by satan every moment. He always wants us to be away from God.

Jesus himself was tempted several times. The only difference is that the satan could not succeed with Jesus.

Best wishes!

FCB said...

Hello Joseph,
Your comment reminds me of a story about two boys that thought they would scare the preacher as he drove his team of horses home from preaching. The boys hid in the bushes and when the preacher went by they shrieked and howled. The preacher said, who's out there? The boys responded, 'It's the devil'. The preacher said, 'Well thats odd, I've never known you to be that far from me!'
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I know the devil is defeated. I will pay him no mind. I will overcome myself. God is with me. love -Matt.

Mel said...

The gist of this post to me, simply put, is that we can't trust ourselves. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure know I can't trust myself. And if I can't trust myself, how on earth can I trust anyone else? It's a good thing God sees past all the layers and pretenses and in His infinite wisdom is able to bring beauty from ashes. Trusting God brings with it such profound and untouchable peace.

Many blessings,