Saturday, August 30, 2008

The following quote is about Revenge, and during the time, dueling was common, this is directed to that specifically, but it relates to revenge in general. I especially like his vivid illustrations that have such strong word pictures. Very masculine in his approach, something I find lacking in today's pulpits, and no wonder he is called the Shakespheare of the preachers.

"....... For what man is so barbarous as to recover his leprosy by sucking the life-blood from dying infants? a good man would rather endure ten leprosies then one such remedy. Such a thing is revenge; it pretends to cure a wound but does it with an intolerable remedy. It was the song of the Cyclops to his sheep: 'feed you upon the tender herbs, I mean to feed upon the flesh and drink the blood of the Greeks'; this is a violence not only to our laws and manners, but even to the very nature of men.

Lions and tigers do, with a strange curiosity, eye and observe him that struck them, and they fight with him above all other hunters; to strike again is the return of beasts; but to pardon him that smote me, is the bravest amends and the noblest way of doing right unto our selves; whilest in the ways of a man and by the methods of God, we have conquered our enemy into a friend. But revenge is the disease of honor, and is as contrary to the wisdom and bravery of men as dwelling in rivers and wallowing in fires is to their natural manner of living, and he who out of pretence of valor pursues revenge is like him, who because fire is a glorious thing, is willing to have a St. Anthonies fire in his face."

Jeremy Taylor - Photo by James Pan

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