Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"The essence of all education is self-discovery and self-control. When education helps an individual to discover his own powers and limitations and shows him how to get out of his heredity its largest and best possibilities, it will fulfil its real function; when children are taught not merely to know things but particularly to know themselves, not merely how to do things, but especially how to compel themselves to do things, they may be said to be really educated. For this sort of education there is demanded rigorous discipline of the powers of observation, of the reason, and especially of the will." -- Edwin Grant Conklin 1863

I thought this was interesting but it left me hungering to know more of his ideas. Any insights, ideas and experiences are greedily accepted.

You may have seen this picture before, if you back up Einsteins face changes to Marylin Monroe's.


Donna said...

Curious, I just got a hankering to find out more about Einstein also.

I was given a book recently on one of the many written on him. I can't wait to actually get a moment to dive into it.

Donna :)

FCB said...
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FCB said...

Hi Donna, thanks for the comments.
He is a curious fellow isn't he.
I have one book with some of his thoughts on wisdom. It is a bit disappointing; his morality does not match his genius.
God Bless,